How to be on the TEaM:

Who qualifies for the High Performance Team (HPT)? Triton Elite Multisport-HPT is for Youth Elite (13-15) and Junior Elite (16-19) triathletes who intend to compete in draft legal events at the national level.  (There will participation in non-draft legal races as well).
The HPT will consist of athletes 13-19 who desire to race the draft legal format in 2017 and have met at least one of the following criteria:
1) Qualified for 2017 Youth Elite or Junior Elite Nationals.
2) Competed in the 2016 YE/JE National Championship.
3) Plan to compete in one or more of the YE or JE Cups in Richmond, VA, Monroe, Washington or Des Moines, Iowa.
4) Meet the performance criteria listed below.
Swim Benchmark Run Benchmark
Youth Elite Junior Elite Youth Elite Junior Elite
200 yd 500 yd 2 mile 5k
Male 2:35 6:10 13:15 18:30
Female 2:45 6:25 14:30 20:30
    EDT: Elite Development Team
The EPT will consist of competitive athletes 12 and older who are primarily racing non-draft legal races and entry-level draft legal races such as USAT F1 and Elite Development races.
Athletes will be placed on the EDT having met at least one of the following criteria:
1) Raced on the HPT in 2016 but wish to focus on being more competitive in the non-draft legal format for the 2017 season.
2) Placed top 5 in any of Talent ID races in 2016.
3) Placed in the top 5 in their respective age group at any super sprint or sprint distance USAT sanctioned race in 2016
TEM-DS: Elite Development Squad
The DS will be compromised of dedicated young athletes 12 and older that wish to gain necessary skills to move up to racing the draft legal format and becoming more competitive in the non draft legal racing format. TEM’s mission is to help cultivate athlete’s talent and will consider all applications.
In being part of the TEM high performance program, athletes are encouraged to pursue qualification for any of the USAT National events such as Youth Nationals, Youth Elite Nationals, Junior Elite Nationals, Sprint Nationals, Age Group Nationals. In addition, all TEM athletes are encouraged to participate in as many Talent ID races as their budget and schedule will allow.