Posted by: mbe3coach | March 3, 2013

2013 Season:TEaM Training at Lake Louisa

2013.  A new season, a new TEaM.  Triton Elite Multisport welcomed new and veteran members to TEM’s training session at Lake Louisa, in prepation for the Draft Legal Challenge/Clermont, which will include an EDR for the Juniors and U25s and an F1 for the 12-16 yos.

The chilliest day of the year in FLA did not freeze our spirits, although a little bit in the swim.   The TEaM did a group run, scouting the course, followed by a group ride practicing the race’s 180 degree turn.  One water entry and one exit was all the frigid temps would allow.  Although one brave TEaM soul returned for another interval.  Bravo Arriana!

Soon after a feast of pot luck was enjoyed by all.  Thanks for coming out!


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